Our Projects

Ruthanne Lodato Memorial Playground

With the help of CVS Caremark (who generously donated $25,000 towards the project), the Miracle League of Alexandria, and support from our community, we were able to build a fully inclusive and accessible playground at the Nannie J. Lee Center in Alexandria. Your contributions went towards installing a cushioned play surface, extending ADA walkways around the park and purchasing play equipment which provided a safe place for our special needs community to play. And given her work in the special needs community, it was natural to name the playground after Ruthanne Lodato, a long-time music teacher in Alexandria who was active in teaching all kids, including those with special needs, the wonders of music.

The Kelley Cares Miracle Field 

Kelley Cares is proud to have partnered with the City's Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities (DRPCA) and the Miracle League of Alexandria, a private citizen group dedicated to the installation of a Miracle Field in Alexandria, to build the first Miracle Field in Alexandria. A Miracle Field is a synthetic turf baseball diamond designed specifically for use by individuals with special needs. The surface is entirely covered in a rubber-like compound that allows a firm, yet cushioned surface for wheelchairs, walkers and more. The main focus is to allow youth and adults with special needs to play sports such as baseball, softball, T-ball and even kickball in an inclusive environment. Opened on November 19, 2012, this field will serve for many years to come as a fully inclusive and accessible environment for all to enjoy. For more information about this project, click here


The Kelley Cares Foundation Multi-Sensory Mobile

This multi-sensory room on wheels travels around the city to provide an opportunity for adults and children with mental and physical disabilities to explore an array of sensory activities. It is a space that alerts the participant’s primary senses by using sound, smell, lighting, vibration and touch to stimulate and soothe the individual.  

Transportation to the Special Olympics 

Congratulations to the Bellefonte Wizards basketball team who took third place in the Virginia state championships of the Special Olympics! Kelley Cares was proud to send the team to the championship game in style by securing vans for their transportation with a $1,000 contribution. So happy to support our community!


Past Projects

Multi-Sensory Room

In November 2006, the multi-sensory room was successfully completed and opened at the Lee Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Since the grand opening, seniors with Alzheimers, children with visual and/or hearing impairments, autistic adults, children with Down Syndrome, and many other citizens of Alexandria have been able to explore and grow from time spent in the facility. It is a space that alerts their primary senses by using sound, smell, lighting, vibration and touch to stimulate and sooth the individual. We hope this popular space can continue to enhance the lives of all who use it.

Project Lifesaver International

In June 2008, Kelley Cares used funds to purchase radio frequency wristbands and training from Project Lifesaver International. This non-profit organization provides public safety agencies with equipment and training to quickly locate and rescue adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism, Down Syndrome, dementia and other cognitive conditions. The wristbands have allowed public safety agencies to successfully save the lives of wandering individuals as well as reduce the risk of serious injury. Kelley Cares has continued to support the Project Lifesaver program by contributing an additional $5,000 in 2013 to assist in the purchase of wristbands and batteries for new participants. For more information on Project Lifesaver International, please visit their website www.projectlifesaver.org.

Therapeutic Recreation Vehicle

Therapeutic Recreation provides a variety of year round programs for their participants including after school, weekend, and summer activities. With the use of vans, they are able to shuttle their participants every day to utilize various facilities throughout the city. Kelley Cares is happy to provide the Therapeutic Recreation Program with a new vehicle to assist them in providing safe means of transporting their participants. 

iPads & Apple TVs

Four iPads and Apple TVs were donated to the Therapeutic Recreation Program to help supplement their programming needs in December of 2011. 


























































Photo credit: Drew Hansen


Photo credit: Shane Canfield